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    Dongsheng New Materials won the "Excellent Supplier Partner of the Paper industry in 2020" award

            On September 22, 2020, China International Papermaking Science and Technology Exhibition and China International Papermaking Innovation and Development Forum were successfully held in Suzhou. Guests from all walks of life leaders, industry organizations, scientific research institutions, paper enterprises, equipment enterprises, and related enterprises attended. Shanghai Dongsheng New Materials Co., Ltd. and 15 paper equipment and chemical enterprises won the "Excellent Supplier Partner of the Paper Industry in 2020" award.

            In 2020, the coVID-19 epidemic broke out suddenly. Thanks to the efforts of people of all ethnic groups across the country, we successfully brought the epidemic under control. In the process of fighting against the epidemic, the papermaking industry was scientifically controlled and resumed production in an orderly manner, thus achieving stable development of the papermaking industry. Have sprung up in this process, a batch of papermaking industry suppliers, first, governs incorruptibly, and actively cooperate with papermaking enterprises, work hard, work together to promote innovation leads the progress, with actions commitment responsibility, make contributions to the stable operation of the whole industry, transformation and upgrading its own unique value, become a tower of strength to promote the development of papermaking industry with high quality and backbone.

            During the coVID-19 epidemic, Dongsheng New Materials actively donated money and materials, mobilized various resources to promote the resumption of work and production, set up a special railway transportation line for raw materials of papermaking over 2,000 kilometers, and ensured the continuous and stable production of papermaking enterprises. Actively adjust and rationally arrange the production, ensure the continuous growth of the demand for medical consumables and special paper for medical packaging in special period, ensure the supply demand, and meet the productivity and paper quality. Dongsheng New Material not only focuses on its own steady development, but also actively integrates social responsibility into the development of the enterprise, which promotes the enterprise to transmit positive energy to the good and the beautiful.

            In the outbreak period, dongsheng new material will be adhering to the enterprise values and the green concept of sustainable development, continue to use scientific research technology to upgrade traditional industries, science and technology research in the field of papermaking additives, advance the old and the new kinetic energy conversion, establish deep cooperation with papermaking enterprise, together for the development of circular economy, and make contributions to the improvement of the environment!