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    Shi Xiaodan, general Manager of Dongsheng New Materials (Shandong) Co., LTD., was awarded as the first "Outstanding Contribution Talent of Jining".

            On September 14, Jining city held a meeting on talent work, thoroughly implement the important directive spirit on talent work, convey the spirit of the special report meeting on talent work of the whole province. Dr. Shi Xiaodan, general manager of Dongsheng New Materials (Shandong) Co., LTD., won the first "Jining Outstanding Contribution talent" title.

            In recent years, Jining attaches great importance to the work of talents, constantly strengthening leadership, perfecting mechanism, increasing investment, and scientific research platform. The talent policy system has been preliminarily established, the talent working mechanism has been gradually improved, the talent development environment has been continuously improved, the talent backflow situation has been preliminarily formed, and the supporting role of talents has been significantly enhanced.

    (Picture: Dr. Shi Xiaodan, general Manager of the company (fourth from right) receiving the award)

            Under the leadership of Dr. Shi Xiaodan, general Manager of Dongsheng New Materials (Shandong) Co., LTD, dongsheng New Materials (Shandong) Co., LTD insists on relying on the market, taking the product as the guide and taking the technology as the foundation. Continue to strengthen the construction of talent team, constantly add investment in scientific research, enrich the development of enterprises, protect intellectual property rights, the implementation of the brand strategy. Demand-oriented, release the vitality of talents in various fields, provide technical support for the sustainable development of enterprises, and strive to become the backbone of the development of new materials industry.

            Looking to the future, the company will intensify the building of talent, continue to use scientific research technology to upgrade traditional industries, to science and technology research in the field of papermaking additives and biomass materials, advance the old and the new kinetic energy conversion, constantly accelerate the transformation of enterprises, efforts to bring the company into a green, respected enterprises sustainable development, and for jining region's economic construction, talent cultivation and make more contribution to enterprise upgrading transformation.