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    Shandong Gaoxu New Materials Co., Ltd. was awarded the 2019 Jining Advanced Production Safety Unit

            On August 26, 2020, Sishui County Emergency Management Bureau held a work safety meeting, and Shandong Gaoxuxin Material Co., LTD., a member of Dongsheng New Materials Group, was awarded the honorary medal of the city's advanced Unit in production safety.

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            Shandong Gao Xuxin new materials co., LTD., relying on the safety production standardization system production and business operation entity, the main body of responsibility system, the occupational health management system, etc., through safety education training, conducting various safety activities and incentive means such as personal safety behavior, through the efforts of all staff, to implement the system run orderly, gradually increase the overall security awareness, participation and safety management implementation.

            In 2020, the company will take safety standards as the main line and double prevention system as the starting point, carry out safety culture construction and various forms of safety activities, establish the safety bottom line awareness and safety red line awareness of employees, and escort the sustainable development of Shandong Gaoxu New Materials Co., LTD.