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    Braved the wind and waves and put quality first -- Record Shanghai Dongsheng New Materials Co., Ltd. won the "Xuhui District Quality Award"

            Shanghai Dongsheng New Materials Co., LTD has been awarded the "Xuhui District Quality Award" by the Market supervision Bureau of Xuhui District. The award is mainly awarded to organizations (individuals) with outstanding management and performance in the four quality fields of products, engineering, services and human settlements. The "Xuhui District Quality Award" is highly recognized by the local government departments and the community for the company's quality management achievements.



            Over the years, Dongsheng New Material Company has been adhering to the quality policy of "quality for survival, innovation for development, service for customers, improvement for sustainability", with quality as the lifeline of the enterprise. At the beginning of the establishment of the company through the ISO9001 quality management system certification. Internally implement the concept of "quality management", set up a management team to continuously improve quality, carry out self-check, spot check and mutual check of quality hidden trouble, implement improvement by PDCA cycle, and promote quality management to the management level of full participation and pre-prevention. At the same time, based on quality standardization management, the leading industry standard "Calcium carbonate for papermaking" revision. External through the cooperation with domestic and foreign customers, establish a good reputation in the industry, enhance the brand value.

            Today's achievement is the starting point of tomorrow, we will always adhere to the quality policy, adhere to the road of green and sustainable development, and further strengthen the enterprise's scientific research ability to research and develop products in line with the development needs of the industry, based on the quality of the market, brave the wind and waves, march forward courageously. Thank the local government departments and people from all walks of life for their care and support over the years! Let's work together to build a better tomorrow!