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    Jining Mingsheng New Materials Co., LTD., in conjunction with Market Supervision Bureau of Jining city and Yanzhou District, carried out the emergency rescue drill of chemical pressure pipeline leak

            On the occasion of the 19th national "Production Safety Month", in order to carry out the theme of "Eliminating potential accidents and strengthening safety defense line", the municipal and district regulatory departments and hazardous chemical special equipment enterprises should strengthen the linkage disposal capacity, and test the mastery of emergency disposal knowledge and the effectiveness and operability of emergency response plan. Jining Mingsheng New Materials Co., LTD., together with Market Supervision Bureau of Jining city and Yanzhou District, organized and carried out emergency rescue evacuation drill of chemical pressure pipeline leakage. Zhong Haitao, Member of standing Committee of Yanzhou District Committee and Deputy District Head, leaders of provincial and municipal Market Supervision administration, leaders of municipal and district emergency management departments, and leaders of Xinglongzhuang street watched the exercise process.

    (Picture: Leaders of Market Supervision Bureau of Jining city and Yanzhou District visited and guided the drill)

            During the drill, all participating units cooperate closely with each other, and professional emergency rescue forces act quickly. In the face of dangerous situations, they immediately start the second-level emergency plan, cut off the power supply of all equipment, wear protective equipment, air respirators and rescue equipment, and conduct emergency evacuation of regional personnel and make preparations for emergency treatment. The company immediately reported, asked the market supervision administration to give special equipment rescue and testing technical support. Start the fire control facilities and rain sewage diversion system, special equipment, to diagnose the cause of the accident rescue personnel, repair, flexible disposal, successfully eliminate dangerous case and effectively reduce the loss and damage, with plans to connect and hidden trouble disposal ability, has reached the drill presses to work, to practice to promote the purpose of security, shows the high political quality, high professional level and good spirit.

    (Picture: Miniature of the emergency drill)

            Jining Mingsheng New Materials Co., LTD., as "Jining advanced enterprise of safety production", has been focusing on the landing of safety culture, the perfection of safety ring system and the inspection of safety ring. Through this drill, the staff's awareness of safety production has been further enhanced, the emergency rescue team has been trained, and the experience of actual combat disposal has been accumulated. At the same time, the linkage mechanism of market supervision departments at the municipal and county levels and the scientific management, control and disposal capacity of enterprises on special equipment have been thoroughly tested, the scientific nature and operability of emergency plan have been effectively tested, and the linkage ability of municipal and district supervision departments and companies in emergency response has been effectively enhanced.