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    During the epidemic, | recorded dongsheng new materials to create a new model of overseas after-sales service for enterprises

             A few days ago, Shanghai Dongsheng New Materials Co., LTD. Paper additive - overseas order loading, from Qingdao Huangdao port embarkation, smooth delivery to Vietnamese customers. This is an epitome of dongsheng New Material's service to overseas customers during the epidemic prevention and control period. In order to better serve overseas customers, the staff of the Ministry of Foreign Trade actively set up remote service channels to provide emergency solutions and remote service solutions for overseas customers.

            In recent years, in response to the national "One Belt And One Road" policy, dongsheng new material actively promotes the "going out" of enterprises, expands the "going out" development of enterprises through multiple channels, and strives to create a new pattern of foreign trade. However, during the epidemic, the volume of global trade in goods contracted sharply, which had a great impact on the business cooperation and daily customer service of domestic and foreign enterprises. In this situation, the ministry of foreign trade company personnel actively build a remote service channels, through the "cloud channel" video remote communication, sample testing, technical guidance, to develop and demonstrate experiment scheme, the company products and after-sale service one by one show in front of overseas customers, each time the "remote service" represents the trust of the overseas customers to our company's service and product quality, the company with excellent products and after-sales service to win the trust of clients in overseas markets.

            Very, very countermeasures, dongsheng new material will adhere to the scientific research to upgrade products, customer service mode innovation, make full use of the company has formed after-sales service advantages, optimize after-sales mode, improve the quality of service, giving full play to the advantages of the enterprise and social responsibility, positive for the domestic and foreign customers to do technical service work, diligently provides the high cost-effective products and high-quality service.