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    Congratulations to The Labor union of Jining Mingsheng New Materials Co., LTD., which won the title of "The home of the Top ten Trusted workers" in Yanzhou District

           On July 16, the 2019 Advanced Work Commendation conference of Yanzhou District Federation of Trade Unions was successfully held in the district government. The Trade Union of Jining Mingsheng New Materials Co., Ltd. was highly recognized by the District Federation of Trade Unions and was awarded the honorary title of "The Home of Top ten Trusted Employees" in Yanzhou District.

            Since the company since its establishment of trade unions, in the superior federation of trade unions and the company under the correct leadership of the party branch, closely surrounding the company development, service worker masses, the company has its own characteristics, to create corporate culture, corporate culture handbook, committed to enable new employees to understand the company strategic objectives, enterprise culture, etc, into the environment of the company. The annual training plan should be made reasonably, and the employee training plan of professional accomplishment, vocational skills and interests of the individual should be developed. The knowledge reserve of all aspects of the employee should be strengthened through the training system of "internal trainer". Focus on the health of employees, organize holiday theme activities in traditional holidays, carry out "fun games", organize employees to participate in public welfare games, pay love, strengthen communication, cohesion, in the colorful staff activities, a strong body, cultivate their mind and body, feel the joy of dedication, experience the joy of teamwork. Pay attention to the environment layout, establish staff reading garden, provide staff with professional skills, classics and other books; Provide sports and leisure places for employees, spare no effort to build green and energy-saving office buildings, enhance the comfort level of employees during work, and provide logistical support for employees to carry out their work. Give full play to the role of union solidarity and cohesion of workers as a bridge link, become the workers' family members and loyal people, formed in the company's internal "party construction with construction, construction and promote party construction" good atmosphere.

            Is the title of honor acquired the company trade union work affirmation, but also a spur, inspired us to further consolidate the organization foundation, unite with broad worker concentric seeks the development, hand in hand to create the future, the company will continue to "home of workers", building a harmonious labor relation enterprise, maintenance worker legal rights and interests, highlight the principal position of the worker, the worker should be resolved difficulties, trying to do a construction worker in the enterprise of "home" to be more perfect, more warm, promote the company trade union work to a new level.